The EASY FAST C-OBD II system is designed to increase the number of cylinders from 2 to 8 and transform engines which are characterized by highly advanced and dependable technology. It is very user-friendly and instinctive to reduce the time taken for its calibration. The components are integrated with the objective of minimizing the amount of space and the installation time.


  • Reducer: This is the device through which the liquid gas is turned in to gaseous phase, by reducing and adjusting its pressure in the engine.
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  • Filter: This device filtrates the gas, it has sensors that understands and measure temperature, pressure of the gas and diverse pressure.
  • Injector Rail: Injector rail sequentially corrects the amount of gas into each cylinder.
  • Changeover Switch: Aids users to switch between gas and petrol which indicates the level of gas in the tank.
  • Gas ECU: ECU helps to receive signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the specifications for gas operation.
  • LPG refueling port: This port is used to fill the cylinder.
  • LPG Tank: Tank is used for LPG in liquid and gaseous phase.
  • Multivalve: This facilitats gas to move in and out of the tank, measures the level of gas in the tank and is equipped with various safety devices.
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