The EASY FAST DIRECT INJECTION is introduced to convert the gas vehicles with a facility of fuel direct injection engines. The protection and emulation of the fuel injectors are the most genuine and relevant aspects of the application. It has been designed and developed with constant laboratory and road tests to ensure maximum driving pleasure. All the important parameters have been taken into consideration while developing this best suitable design.


  • Reducer: This is the device through which liquid gas is turned into gaseous phase, by reducing and adjusting its pressure in the engine.
  • Filter: This device filters the gas, it has sensors that understands and measures temperature, pressure of the gas and diverse pressure.
  • Injector Rail: Injector rail sequentially corrects the amount of gas in each cylinder.
  • Changeover Switch: It aids users to switch between gas and petrol which indicates the level of gas in the tank.
  • Gas ECU: ECU helps to receive signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the specifications for gas operation.
  • LPG refuelling port: This port is used to fill the cylinder.
  • LPG Tank: Tank is used for LPG in liquid and gaseous phase.
  • Multivalve: This facilitates gas to move in and out of the tank, measures the level of gas in the tank and is equipped with various safety devices.
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